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Sevina Technologies is a software development company that provides various services like custom software development, mobile app development, product development, android testing, hiring resources, digital marketing, DevOps, internet of things. On diverse technology platforms like .Net, Php, Java, Microsoft, iOS and Mobile.

Having rich experience of 10+ years helps us to deliver prompt and cost-effective software solutions with retaining our quality standards.

With the help of information technology and our wide experience in the software business, we solve complex business solutions.

We are a team of passionate developers, designers, and digital marketers. Our prime objective is to help our clients by providing excellent software solutions and superior client support, while still maintaining proper aesthetics.

We codify your mission. We exist for the love of code.

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Why Choose Sevina Technologies?

We are living in a world where time is a crucial factor. The world is now more connected with each other yet became more complex than ever before.

We make software and applications that help to reduce the complexity of the business and helps them to manage data and make their analytics more simplified, while still maintaining proper aesthetics.

We work with businesses to help them get closer to their mission of bringing about the change in their respective domains.

We at Sevina Technologies are focused on creating the greatest pull for our services and cost optimization for our clients.

Our customers know us as the “best quality club” who came to Sevina after failed projects. If the deliverable does not meet the expectations, we will correct it at no cost to you. We stand behind every deliverable. Experience the “Sevina-Code” and see the difference.

Guaranteed Quality

Hiring freelancers is a frustrating experience. Don’t take a chance with the hope that “it will work”. Normally freelancers are single operators and, they are not dedicated enough to provide expected client support after the development. With Sevina, whether you choose 2 or 20 developers, every resource is an employee of Sevina who possesses deep experience across a wide range of technologies and delivering services. So, you don’t have to chase down our developers.

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Codifying our client’s mission is our mission. By delivering excellent services and exceptional client support we love to satisfy our clients’ needs and help them achieve their milestones.


Our vision is to become the most reputed software development company across the globe.

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