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Advertising and marketing is the second oldest profession in the world. Despite its high demand from the years, it changes in a consistently. Back then newspapers, televisions, and magazines were the major marketing medium for the masses, but gradually things changes. now they are replaced by social media and many other online platforms. Thus, the market also shifted from offline traditional marketing to online digital marketing. The ages of TVsets and print ads are replaced by the website, online video, social media, and search engines. The main reason for the heavy shift is because the consumer is consistently connected to these platforms. As per the studies, the average adults spend 4 hours per day on the web related platforms.

So nowadays, companies, startups, and enterprises are finding opportunities over there. they are hiring professionals to figure out how to convert those consumers into customers. Here at Sevina technologies, we help you in your online battlefield. We start by identifying your competitors and then identifying your business’ strength, weakness, opportunities, and create an action plan to get you ahead of your competition. Our incredibly arguable insights help you to get a cutting edge over your competition.

Your website and social media are one of your most important marketing assets, as it represents your business 24/7. Our professional marketers will work on your online presence and create and distribute content over multiple platforms for your target audience to get you valuable leads and create a long-lasting brand. We will work on many types of content like website content, landing pages, email templates, blog posts, social media creatives including promotional videos, etc. Our team of highly professional SEO will help you to rank on your desired keywords and helps you to generate the authority of the website. We also serve you with many types of paid ads like google ads, display ads, classified ads, video ads, etc. Either you want to generate leads or create a brand image including personal branding, our team will help you to craft strategies to let you win. Give us a chance to work with your brand. For more inquiries about us, feel free to contact us.