Whatever your industry, we can meet your needs.

Any business faces challenges according to their industry portfolio. Businesses require solutions that not only solve their queries but also provides better functionality. We at Sevina Technologies develop web and software-based solutions according to your industry requirement. The tools we develop are well-tested and designed with the extensive knowledge and experience of our software experts.

Mold your software to fit your business not vice versa.

Developing software starts with deeply understanding the requirements and work function of the business. It is about building a tailored solution that works agile and is designed for the organization. The objective is always to make sure that the resulting design saves time and money by deploying a more efficient solution.


Sevina Technologies works with public and private health organizations to ensure that technology becomes an essential part of every day, effective healthcare. We provide solutions to the health organizations by minimizing their expenses on the computerizing system and increase their workflow in improving patient care. We design software and application solutions that manage the data and give in-time insights to the administration and make it accessible from the cell-phone also. We also develop a data-sharing system between different divisions for better internal communication.

How Sevina Technologies Delivers Value to Healthcare?

Redefine your Patient care management, Administrative work management and Doctor relationship management with our unique solutions

It’s time to redefine your healthcare solutions by making them more personalized and sustainable. We build insights by working on the humungous data that is available at various levels to create new business models, while keeping in mind the need for cost effective and quality solutions. We aim to offer higher levels of engagement which aim to impact health. By addressing critical business needs, we build sustainable solutions for healthcare:

In the past years, we have helped clients from all over the world to build successful medical solutions by delivering great software products. We provide more customized and sustainable solutions for your patient care management and administration work management. We build insights by working on the humungous data that is available at various levels to create new business models while keeping in mind the need for cost-effective and quality solutions.

  • Sustainable healthcare systems
  • Increased accessibility
  • Improved collaboration

We provide the following healthcare solutions:

Electronic Medical Records Software (EMR)

Electronic Health Record Software (EHR)

Billing Invoicing Software

Claims Management Software

Appointment Management & Physician Management Software

Healthcare Service Provider Suite

Patient Care Management System (PCMS)

Mobility Solutions for Healthcare