Mobile App Development and Testing

Mobile App Development and Testing Company

3.7 billion. This is the total number of mobile users in the world right now. 75% of them are connected to the internet and are using mobile applications. Mobile applications have now become part of our life. Corporates are using mobile applications in every department of their business. There are millions of mobile apps out there. It is developed for mobile devices. In the development process Mobile back-end includes data-encryption, routing, authenticating, and offline facilities along with security add-on layers. In a mobile app, UIs is known as frond-end also plays an important role in the development process. Its goal is to keep the mobile app user-friendly and more functional. After fully developing the application, it is being tested using emulators.

Popular projects web developers are hired for:

  • Consumer Mobile Apps
  • B2B Mobile Apps
  • Enterprise Mobility Apps
  • Cross-platform Apps
  • Wearable Apps

At Sevina Technologies, we have deep experience in a wide range of testing to ensure that your software applications function seamlessly, and always meet the end user’s expectations. With our testing experts, you can focus your time on development and optimization while we take care of end-to-end testing. Be rest assured, not a single bug or glitch goes uncaught from the Sevina testers.

Mobile application development platforms:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Hybrid